Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dolmen City Sea View - Karachi


Main Features

The Office Towers offer the following facilities:

Office Space

Executive Tower (18 floors)--------approx. 192,000 sq ft
Triangular Tower (19 floors)--------approx. 255,000 sq ft
Tower 1 (40 floors) ---------------approx. 640,000 sq ft
Tower 2 (40 floors) ---------------approx. 640,000 sq ft

Spacious Lobbies
24- hr uninterrupted power supply
24 hr security vigilance
Ample reserved car parking space for each floor
Central airconditioning
Each tower individually serviced by elevators
Each tower linked to the mall with elevators.

Main Features Mall

The Mall offers the following facilities to the discriminating shopper or retail outlet owner:

Retail Space
Departmental Store --------------approx 45,000 sq. ft
Hyper Market & Retail Outlets ----approx 535,000 sq ft

Atrium A ------------------------approx 10,000 sq ft
Atrium B ------------------------approx 3,700 sq ft

Covered car park space for over 3,500 cars and surface car park for another 1200 cars.
24 hr uninterrupted power supply
Recreational facilities with bowling area and gaming arcade --- approx 20,000 sq ft
Exhibition area ------------------approx 8,125 sq ft
Food Court and restaurants ------approx 75,000 sq ft with 1,400 person seating capacity
Coffee Shop --------------------approx 5,000 sq ft

Two elevators, 21 escalators, six freight lifts and seven customer elevators.